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Lynky is a platform for creating, analyzing, and managing smart links with ease.

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Smart links that multiply your revenue

With Lynky’s smart links like dynamic links and choice pages you can increase your revenue and boost conversions.

Create and join organizations

With our sophisticasted organization feature you can manage your business or join other business and intelligently manage the links.

Work in groups

Easily create and organize all your data into groups like Sales, Marketing, Product Launch… and get a better insight of progress and growth.

Automatic affiliation

Add all your affiliate codes and Lynky will automatically apply them on every link, so you’ll never need to lookup or lose a sale again.


Get advanced insights how an organization, group, or any individual link performs, so you can make better decisions and adjustments to your business strategies.


Every organization has its own unique URL on the internet, and it can be any link you assign it. Take a look at ours Lynky.

Access from anywhere

Lynky is built on top of the latest technologies to enable our customers to access and manage their businesses from any device.

And that's just a tip of the iceberg

Lynky offers a complete toolkit of tools and customizations to skyrocket your sales and revenue.