Add Beautiful Photos From Unsplash

Now you can make even more impact with your Choice Pages.

Unsplash posters

When we started working on the choice pages, we immediately knew it will be one of the most versatile link type for our users, covering many use cases. From listing product sellers to linking your works or managing your social presence, it really can cover many use cases.

But to do this, it also has to offer the tools to make it as dynamic as possible to describe in the best way its purpose. So, in addition to uploading your own photos, setting static colors, or creating beautiful gradients, now you can add beautiful images from Unsplash and make your every choice page unique and appealing to your customers.

We knew how much of a value Unsplash could bring to the Lynky and started collaborating with their team to make a seamless integration, and we made it happen.

So how does it works? As simple as a few clicks.

It all starts on your choice page form, where you simply click on the background edit button, and the modal will appear with tabbed options, click the image tab and add your favorite image, that’s it.

Screenshot of Unsplash image selector
Screenshot of Unsplash image selector

But we also went a step further.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, we wanted it to be as dynamic as possible. So we managed to achieve that task by adding filters and making it easier for our customers to find the most appealing image and make the most impact. So by simply selecting the orientation, primary color, and sorting type, Unsplash will list just what you were looking for.

Screenshot of Unsplash image search
Screenshot of Unsplash image search

You can start using this feature right now, and in the meantime check out our social page choice page. Also, stay tuned for more stuff coming out.